What’s In A Name? (Apparently Everything)

Thinking of a name for a new show is killing me.

So I’m starting a new podcast and it seems the hardest part is coming up with a NAME! I need it to be something that describes the show in some small detail, is actually available on social media sites, and has a nice ring to it at the same time.

So here is a list of a few names suggested by others and some I have been writing down as they arrive in my brain.

Under Scrutiny
Podcast Nation Altercation
Age of Discourse
Almost Angry
Accidents on the Airwaves
Dead end discussion
Civil Disobedience
Certainly Confused
Broken Broadcast
Disorderly Distractions
Mostly Misadventures
Post Prime PopStars
Disposable Dialogue
We Talk, You Listen
Polite Company
Random Ramblings

My brain will literally not stop thinking about a name. I am like that though, once a thought invades my brain, I can’t get rid of it until I feel resolved about the matter. So a tad bit obsessive compulsive in that regard.

Do you have an Awesome Amazing Super name? Then email me, davidbrewington@gmail.com and let me know it!

4th of July.

Been busy these last few weeks.   Apparently too busy to write on this blog and I apologize for this.  Here’s a video of me and my boys enjoying the 4th of July Holiday.  Enjoy it and I’ll be writing more soon.