Robots Will Kill Us All.

Robots are going to kill us.  I’m serious.  Laugh while you can but it’s going to happen.

In the last few years the number of movies, television shows, and even video games about the human nature of robots has been numerous.

Ex Machina, Black Mirror, Human, Westworld, I, Robot, Fallout 4, The Matrix, and even the Terminator series to name a few.

Even Stephen Hawking fears that robots will take over one day.    Yes, Stephen Hawking believes that.

Technology continues to advance and it only stands to reason that Artificial Intelligence is going to evolve into something new.  In 2015 a robot passed the ‘self awareness’ test, which only spells impending doom for humanity.  Well maybe that’s a bit of a stretch but it’s still a point in that direction.

I’d advise you to start watching movies and figure out how the humans win the battle.   Or maybe just move off the grid and watch the world burn from a safe distance.   Just be happy with the thought that in most movies, the humans do end up winning but it generally takes time.  Now let me get back to my iPhone, I have tweets to send out.

2017 is here.

2017 is here. Will it bring anything new?

I’m working on making myself a better person but that’s a constant struggle.  This year I want to work on my dependency on Social Media.  I’m way to dialed into Social Media and this year, I’m going to do less.  That means just using Twitter for my podcast, Blame Your Brother.  I’m also turning off notifications for Twitter, so I’m not addicted to the constant notifications coming through my phone.

We shall see how this goes.  Wish me well.