Hello.  I’m 40 now.  Yes, 40 years old.

How is it? About the same as 35.  I was actually in Tokyo for my 40th birthday and had a bit of an emotional meltdown.  Perhaps it was the jet lag combined with the thought of getting older, who knows.

I did think of my father, who I haven’t seen or spoken with in several years.  That tends to mess with your head quite a bit.  My brother says to let it go but it’s easier said than done.  I remember listening to Dana Carvey on Marc Maron’s WTF Podcast and he talked a lot about his father issues.  Dana Carvey! One of the most respected SNL members of all time is still dealing with father issues well past 40 years old.  I guess it never ends.

My back also hurts.  Sitting in a cubicle and counting minutes down. You don’t get those back.