The Art of Loneliness

Thoughts while camping with a group of strangers this weekend, with that eerie feeling of sitting in a crowd of hundreds of people and feeling like the loneliest man on Earth.

…Ground Control to Major Tom. Ground control to Major Tom. Take you protein pills and put your helmet on.

I think a lot. It could be about what I’m having for lunch to the eventual end of my life.   I generally have these conversations with myself and not an audience. This is the art of being lonely. Not trusting others enough to engage in any thoughts that escape your brain. Isn’t it odd that we don’t even control idle thoughts but feel embarrassed by them.

People talk to me daily. People that record podcasts and put them out in the world talk to me through my earbuds. I’m maintaining relationships with people I don’t even know.  Although I try to have conversations with real people, most of the time it’s trivial.   I’m good at listening but sharing the deep things, well that’s another category altogether.

I am Major Tom.  Your circuit’s dead, there’s something wrong, can you hear me Major Tom.